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About Prestige BUSINESS Solutions

Prestige Business Solutions Ltd is a leading HR Consultancy firm having been Highly Commended as HR Consultancy of the Year 2015 by the CIPD is the only company in Northern Ireland offering comprehensive HR Support, H&S Support, HR and Health & Safety Training, and with our unique on-site programme helps businesses manage this function successfully.

Prestige is Highly Recommended at CIPD awards

Our aim is to help strategise your business by having a fully functional HR Department that will ensure you meet all your business objectives.

Our range of services means you have access to your very own HR, Health and Safety and Training Department, and our qualified and professional consultants work with you to address any employment H&S issue you may face and assist you in reaching business success through your people.

Prestige provide support to businesses across all the UK, Northern Ireland, England, and Ireland, and also have a central Head Office you can contact at any time to receive guidance on your Employment issue.

The consultants at Prestige have proven success in working with a variety of clients including Small to Medium, National and International companies, both in the public and private sectors, and have a wide range of plans to suit every budget and organisation size.

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