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Accountants continue to be the most trusted adviser to business owners, coming above an executive's spouse, a recent poll has revealed.

38% of business owners will trust the advice of their accountant above all others
15% trust their partner or spouse according to the survey

the recent survey also showed
13% of would turn to their non-executive for advice
17% of those polled rated bankers as the least likely person they would turn to if a crisis were to hit their business.

This poll was carried out by MGR the accounting division of Atf business advisers and in association with HLW McCrombie Commercial Lawyers,
Jo Haigh, partner at Atf said: 'Owner managers still want the sound ‘How is my business doing?’ advice that they can rely on from their accountant.'
Other findings of the survey showed managers would most like to take advice from Richard Branson and least like to take advice from glamour model Jordan, (real name Katie Price), even if she has built up an estimated £40m net worth.


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