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14-18 November: National Ban Bullying Week 2011 is a week to bring awareness of the widespread issue of Bullying – at all ages!

Current research has shown that almost 80% of managers admit that bullying occurs in their organisations!
If you are a Manager/ Owner Prestige ask could you be (or are you?) “labeled” a bully? Some of the most recent cases we have been involved in regarding the allegation of bullying, has been

directed at managers/ owners.  So we look at some Management Tips to help you avoid being labeled the workplace bully.    

1.    The Firm but Fair Boss
Its important to realise that being the boss isn't a popularity contest and the role often places people in a real predicament regarding their relationship with their employees – especially where they have been promoted to the role of Manager/ Supervisor.

It is important to have a good relationship with your employees, but they do not need to be your best friends. You may need to discipline your staff at some point so it is important to differentiate the role.

Do not scold your staff severely with a dressing down; just make your point firmly without intimidating or upsetting your employees.

2.    Take a deep breath
It is important to stay calm under pressure, do not lose your temper and shout or scream at your employees. Take a step back from everything and quite literally take a deep breath. If you are seen to be verbally or physically abusing any member of staff you will definitely get the bully label.

3.    Be Consistent
It is important that when managing staff, that you treat all staff equally.  Having clearly defined policies and procedures, and following them, really assists managers and ensures that all staff are treated fairly and equally.  Often managers are accused of bullying when they apply policies and procedures to one employee but not another.  Being consistent in applying the companys rules and procedures is one tip that cannot be underestimated.

4.    Communicate
Make time to sit down and communicate with your staff, no matter how busy you are. Simply talking to people over a coffee can hugely reduce stress levels and reduce any potential conflict when the going gets tough.  Appraisal forums/ line management meetings on a regular basis is a formal way of ensuring that you have the opportunity to sit down and talk to your staff – all important ways of building the relationship with your staff.

5.    Measure yourself
If you have any issues with any members of staff then address it in the right manner. Do not rant about their flaws behind their back as this will undermine them and ultimately make them feel inferior and excluded. It might also make them a target for others.

6.    Keep a level playing field
While people deserve praise when they have done a good job, make sure you play fair. Letting 'favourites' develop is a dangerous game that can upset office politics and make people feel excluded.
7.    Listen to ideas
If someone challenges you, don't bite their head off. Think about what they have to say, make a note and let them know how their idea may work next time.

8.    Don't leave people out
When you organise a company get-together, make sure everyone is involved. Try and encourage everyone to attend if they can, and don't let anyone feel that they are being excluded or left out.

Prestige run a series of Management and Supervisory management courses on a monthly basis which looks at developing your Staff Management skills.  Avoiding being labelled the workplace bully is one element of the programme, but learning the skills of good management and taking the tools to make you a better manager is the key learning of the programme.  Log on to our website for further information on courses available.


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