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Prestige recognise Carers Rights Day!

There are in excess of 200,000 carers in Northern Ireland many of whom remain hidden and unrecognized.  Carers Rights day is on Friday 2nd December 2011 and recognises the invaluable contribution our carers make to our community saving the Northern Ireland economy over £4.4 billion each year!

Emma Marmion at Prestige Employment Solutions acknowledges that “Many of our carers struggle in juggling care with work” and in response gives a summary of the rights of carers to assist them in meeting their caring responsibilities.”

Lorraine Rooney, fellow director indicates “That the right to Request Flexible Working is probably one of the most fundamental pieces of legislation in the last few years that assist carers in meeting their caring responsibilities”  “This is eligible to parents responsible for the care of a child up to the age of 16 or up to the age of 18, if disabled, or for those who are responsible for the care of a spouse, partner, civil partner or near relative, or someone else living at the same address”.  Lorraine notes that “There are key criteria to this right, however it does allow flexibility to an employees work pattern.”


Emma adds that “care relationships are not static; and the degree of care needed may vary according to an individuals circumstances.  Often by being more flexible in the hours of work, that is allowing an employee to start earlier, or finish later, or even make up the hours at a later date, is often all that is needed for employees to meet their caring responsibilities.  “

“Carers Leave/ Time off for Dependents/ Emergencies allows employees the right to take a reasonable amount of time off to deal with certain unexpected emergencies and make any necessary long term arrangements.   Parental Leave covers the right of employees to be absent from work on paternity leave in order to care for a child or to make arrangements for the child’s welfare and allows up to 13 weeks unpaid time off work (18 weeks in the case of parents with a disabled child).  Some carers have also ofted for a Career Break to take a clean break from work to care for their loved ones.

Both employees and employers need to be aware of the various policies and procedures that a carer may access.  By providing an accessible, supportive and flexible environment for all employees with caring responsibilities, it eases an employees struggle to juggle work and care and still enjoy the benefits of being in employment.

For further information on any of the rights above, contact Prestige on 08459011901.


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