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"I went in for a Dress and left in a Stress!" - A visit to the local shops

for a spot of Retail therapy plays an important role in my weekend wind down.

Last weekend I visited one of my favourite Retail Stores to purchase a dress I had admired in their online catalogue.

I went to the till to purchase, and two members of staff were talking to each other.  I waited patiently for a few moments for someone to serve me, but their conversation continued & I was ignored. After a few minutes I politely interrupted & asked could I buy my dress.  The staff looked horrified at me for interrupting their conversation, and asked me to 'hang on a minute' as they finished their conversation. One staff member put her hand out to me as she continued speaking to her colleague, as if asking me to pass her the dress so she could put the item through as a sale.  I refused to acknowledge this attempt, and waited for one of them to engage with me.

This did not happen, so I left the store without my dress, angry and very dissapointed.
No Dress for me, No Sale for the Retailer.


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