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Course Overview:

A Good Appraisal Structure and Format goes a long way to ensuring a valuable Performance Management approach within an organisation however the best procedures and formats in the world will not be effective if the person running the appraisal isn’t handing it efficiently, professionally and with long term development in mind.

A great Appraisal needs to be fair, objective, two way, realistic, clear, on-going and specific; training the appraiser is essential to guaranteeing this and ensuring that the appraisal is effective, professional, focused on the individual and not just a “tick box” exercise.

This Appraisal and Performance Management Course is for anyone managing the performance and appraisal of employees.

This course looks at the people side of appraisals, the importance of ongoing monitoring (not just twice annually!) and addresses the difficulties that can arise for those involved in Performance Management.

Course Content:

The aim of this training programme is to ensure:


  • An understanding of the difference between Performance Management and Appraisals
  • Benefits of Performance Management / Appraisals
  • Understanding the Role of an Appraiser and Appraisee
  • Implementing and Conducting a Performance Management meeting & and Appraisal meeting
  • Preparing for a meeting
  • Dealing with difficult issues raised during appraisals
  • How to complete the documents

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