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Appraisee Training (1/2 day workshop)

Success of Appraisals lies with both the Appraiser and the Appraisee. Employees who have embarked on training which focuses on their role and responsibilities can ensure that this does not become “ an irrelevant form- filing exercise designed to keep HR happy”.

When they understand that it is an investment in THEM then we will have an effective appraisal which ensures employee engagement. As a consequence you should notice:

Reduction in grievances and disciplinary

Better attendance and timekeeping

Better retention of staff

Happy and motivated workforce

Best quantity and quality of work

Less likelihood of litigation

= An easier life for you

If done correctly appraisals can encourage communication between you and each member of your team, improve individual motivation and commitment thus improving the individual performance which ultimately feeds into the performance of the team and the organisation.

The session will focus on –      Why appraise?

                                                     Preparing employees for the appraisal

                                                     Understanding their role

                                                     Setting Goals and Objectives

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