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Assertiveness Training (1/2 day workshop)

Being assertive means being confident enough to express your feelings and opinions, while still valuing those of others. It’s important because it impacts directly on the way in which you interact with other people.

Assertiveness involves being clear about what you feel, what you need and how it can be achieved. This requires confident, open body language and the ability to communicate calmly without attacking another person.

This training programme is a specialised programme that equips delegates with an understanding, knowledge and toolkit to be more assertive, not only in a work situation but in everyday life.

The program looks at the term assertiveness and how this is the key to unlock our self-confidence, self-awareness, communication with others and many more.

Learning areas:


  • Assertiveness


  • Clear communication


  • Confidence building


  • Being confident in dealing with day to day situations; Handling conflict if it occurs, negotiating with others


  • Being able to talk openly about yourself and being able to listen to others


  • Being able to give and receive positive and negative feedback

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