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Leadership Development – Leading High Performance Teams

This programme focuses on challenging Leaders to look at their Strategic Plan and ensure they accomplish their journey for change and success.

Thinking differently about what you do, how you manage and lead your team

  • Changing the direction of your business or changing for improvement
  • Take a fresh look at what you’re doing as a Leader, Manager
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve new direction and success during challenging times


Often our ideas and goals are not passed through our team for them to deliver on our goals and vision.

As experienced HR professionals and Business Owners ourselves Prestige have recognised as an essential element to any successful business, ensuring all employed within the business are working with the same passion as the owners, the same goals of the business and not just their own agenda of coming and doing a job. The implementation of this is that the owners know what their Vision and Mission is and having a Vision/Mission statement in place along with Core Values and Strategic goals that all employees adopt.


Are you:

  • Passionate about your Business
  • The Best you can be for your Business

This program focuses on the top 3 essential factors for Leaders / Organisations to be successful delivered over 3 half day workshops once every 2 weeks (or whenever is suitable).

Module 1 – half day session

  • Developing Vision & Mission

Module 2 – half day session

  • Review of Vision & Mission
  • Developing Values

Module 3 – half day session

  • Strategic planning – goal setting to achieve Vision statement

Who should attend?

Business Owners, Directors, and Senior Managers anyone involved in setting and delivering the strategic objectives of the company and leading a team.

Cost:               £1500 + VAT for the programme

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