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Impact of Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is real and unfortunately it is happening on regular basis – businesses have a responsibility to protect employees from being exposed to this type of behaviour.
There are a many reasons why an employee may bully another employee in the workplace. These reasons may include:


A person may use their position of power or their physical dominance over those who are perceived to be weaker. The bullying is often dependent upon the perceived power of the bully over their victim.

Bullies may put down others to boost their own self-esteem and confidence to help deal with personal feelings of inadequacy.

An individual or group may become targets of workplace bullying because others perceive them as being new or different.

Perceived Threat
Some people bully others because the other person is perceived as a threat to them personally, or a threat to their position within the company.

The culture of an organisation can have a substantial contribution to the behavior of employees in the workplace.  The workplace is often shown by he organisations values, beliefs and what is considered to be normal behaviour. When the culture is positive it encourages individuals to adopt appropriate behaviours that promote respect of others. Conversely, employees may find themselves in a negative culture where inappropriate behaviours and attitudes are encouraged or condoned by management and bullying is seen as normal behaviour for the majority of people in the workplace.

Impact of Workplace Bullying

The impact of workplace bullying may include the following:
•    Reduced efficiency, productivity and profitability;
•    Increased absenteeism, sick leave and staff turnover;
•    Poor morale, erosion of employee loyalty and commitment;
•    Increased workers’ compensation claims;
•    Poor public image;
•    Potential breaches of the occupational health and safety legislation;
•    Legal costs incurred defending a claim of workplace bullying;

Impact for Employees

Depending on the nature of the bullying and how it is perceived by the receiver i.e. employee, the reaction is an individual response.  They may expereine some of the following:-
•    Stress, anxiety or sleep disturbance;
•    Panic attacks or impaired ability to make decisions;
•    Incapacity to work, concentration problems, loss of self-confidence and self-esteem or reduced output and performance;
•    Depression or a sense of isolation;
•    Physical injury;
•    Reduced quality of home and family life;

Ensure your business and its employees are not experiencing workplace bullying.  Check you have Anti-bullying policies and procedures in place.  Protect you employees and protect your business.

Prestige Employment Solutions offer businesses support with Bullying and Harassment.  Our experienced consultants can provide appropriate polices guidance and support with bullying incidents in the workplace.  


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