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Human Rights - HR

International Human Rights Day 10th December 2011

Although many of us are preparing for the Christmas festivities it can be good to remember other important events happening in December.  Human Rights Day is a time for people to reflect about the meaning, importance, and need for human rights.

The United Nations' (UN) Human Rights Day is annually observed December 10 to mark the anniversary of the presentation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

International Human Rights day recognises the work of human rights defenders worldwide who act to end

discrimination. Acting alone or in groups within their communities, every day human rights defenders work to end discrimination by campaigning for equitable and effective laws, reporting and investigating human rights violations and supporting victims.

What do people do?
Events focused on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are held worldwide on and around December 10. Many events aim to educate people, especially children and teenagers, on their human rights and the importance of upholding these in their own communities and further afield.
The day may also include protests to alert people of circumstances in parts of the world where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not recognised or respected, or where the importance of these rights are not considered to be important. Cultural events are also organized to celebrate the importance of human rights through music, dance, drama or fine art.
The "Celebrate Human Rights" social media campaign has engaged a rapidly expanding online audience since the first element – a discussion on Facebook and Twitter in English, French and Spanish called “30 Days and 30 Rights” – was launched on 10 November. The campaign is also being carried in Chinese on Weibo. It counts down to Human Rights Day with a daily posting about one specific article of the Universal Declaration’s 30 articles.

Although in many European Countries Human Rights are  not as often disregarded as other worldwide Countries, it would be safe to say that we should all consider how we treat each other on a daily basis and especially in the workplace.

Businesses should be aware of how employees engage and what culture they work within.  Good Company policies help establish a strong work ethic and positive working environment.
If any organisation feels this is an area they would like advice and support Prestige Employment Solutions can provide this on a confidential basis.