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Stress in the workplace is not a new aspect to businesses. Organisations are aware of stress at work but often ignore that it can be or will be a fact in their workplace.

Up to one in five people said that they developed symptoms of anxiety because of work pressure.

The reality is you are unlikely to notice the magnitude of the problem within your organisation until it is deep rooted and difficult to manage. Less than half of employees (41%) are likely to talk openly with their line manager if suffering from stress and so the problem remains festering unseen.

What are businesses doing to prevent or manage stress in themselves and their employees, all businesses have a duty of care towards managing an employee’s well fair and it’s not when and employee is experiencing their crisis or are off sick. Businesses need to consider a proactive approach that is effective.

The fact is Mindfulness is so easily implemented and adopted by all those that practice. It is surprisingly inexpensive especially compared to sickness absence.



Mindfulness has strong evidence for reducing stress and improving mental health.

Growing amounts of research indicate that Mindfulness works

  • 30% of GPs now refer patients for mindfulness-based treatment
  • Neuroscience shows mindfulness reduces stress, MRI brain scans show that mindfulness increases activation on the left side of the anterior brain which is associated with better responding to stressful events
  • Research shows mindfulness improves focus and attention, improves problem solving, receiving criticism and creativity
  • Mindfulness helps people embrace change and brings bigger picture thinking

So why not consider it – the benefits of bringing this into the workplace out way not doing it

What are you doing to manage workplace stress?

If you would like more information about introducing Mindfulness into the Workplace, please contact us on 02830252107 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Prestige shortlisted for HR Conbsultancy of the Year 2016

cipd banner

Prestige Business Solutions Ltd is a leading HR Consultancy in NI based in Newry and servicing

clients across NI, Ireland and UK.  Last week, they were announced as being shortlisted for a

2nd year running for “Northern Ireland HR Consultancy of the Year” award by CIPD

(Chartered Institute Personnel Development).  The professional and experienced HR team at

Prestige were  Highly Commended as the HR Consultancy of the Year in 2015 and of course the

team hope they are as successful in this year’s awards on 19th May 2016 in Titanic, Belfast.


As the HR governing body, the CIPD awards remains one of the most prestigious and recognised

HR awards in Northern Ireland - a recognition of the best of the HR industry.  A statement from the

Northern CIPD said that “The standard of entries this year was exceptional and to be shortlisted is

an accolade in itself”.  Emma Marmion and Lorraine Rooney , Directors of Prestige Business Solutions

said they "are absolutely overjoyed to have shortlisted by the CIPD and very proud of what our

HR team has achieved regardless of the outcome!"  "Our HR Team are CIPD qualified HR Professionals,

we are all  very proud of our industry and we all share the same drive and passion for HR.  Our experienced

team of HR Consultants all bring their own specialism to deliver our company vision, ensuring HR is on every

business’s agenda, from the micro and small to medium sized businesses to community and voluntary sector

organisations, to large corporate company's and the public sector.  We understand the importance and

benefits of a strong HR presence, and offer outsourced professional, friendly support to suit any company needs."

Lorraine Rooney said "We are approaching our 10th year in business this year, so to be recognised by our governing

body is just the icing on the cake! Everyone in our team is really looking forward to what promises to be a very

prestigious occasion at Titanic Belfast, so fingers crossed for a great result!"



Mindfulness now feels like its the replacement word for Stress as it is now filtering into our daily lives via media, colleagues or friends.  You may feel its just another BUZZ word or new FAD on the market. But interest in mindfulness is growing because people are seeking ways to cope with the challenges and complexities in our lives

 The Mental Health Foundation estimates that one in four people will experience a mental health problem every 12 months - remember people are you and employees - employers forget that employees are people and that we are all the same, meaning we are all exposed to stressful situations in our private life and work life.  Stress is not discriminatory and will affect anyone one of us sometime in our lives and it is naive to think that we can be the same everyday we turn up for work.

Managing and being aware of our feelings and emotions seems like a taboo subject or no go area in the workplace which is crazy when a lot of our concerns, stresses, anxiety can come from the workplace.

To this day Stress is not a new aspect to us but many Micro and Small Businesses still have no stress management programmes in place so Mindfulness will be no where near the table for discuss or consideration.

Maybe businesses feel its too much bother, too expensive, an inconvenience to implement anything and disrupt the status quo and consider the mental and physical health of their employees or simply just don't know where to start.

Employers may think, that their sickness absence isn't high or they don't have anyone off with stress, so their staff aren't stressed, but this is not the measuring tool for knowing this, many of us can live, function and go to work without being off long term sick, many simply cannot afford to be off sick and so continue to go to work while feeling stressed, suffering from anxiety or depression for many many years.  Some will simply leave for another job, to find a better working environment, a less pressured, stressful job, this is because no one feels safe or secure to talk to their manager or employer about how they feel.  The real affects on a business with stressed employees is low productivity, low moral, low output, no growth or development.

Our workforce and business owners, we all deserve a happier working environment, why does the workplace have to be so mundane or repetitive, so serious.  Waiting for the Monday - Friday to pass as quickly as it can to get to the weekend only to really enjoy Saturday's because Sunday's your back thinking of work.

Supporting employees emotions is seen as a difficult topic for most Owners and HR professionals to consider and is often seen as a weakness, also our culture in life and in work will view it as a weakness to share how we feel today - but if we are open to discuss just this, the impact on reducing our stress and anxiety is immediate.

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) backs Mindfulness as a treatment for those with recurring depression, stress, anxiety.   Growing amounts of research indicate that as a cognitive therapy, it works, it has been proven to reduce the recurrence rate by 40-50 per cent over 12 months

30% of British GPs now refer patients for mindfulness-based treatment

 Just some of the benefits to companies 

  • Improves task focus 
  • Individuals embrace criticism
  • Become a better listeners
  • Improves working relationships
  • Able to let go of stress

Putting Mindfulness Into The Workplace

›Mindfulness is such a personal, individual process, its not about forcing it on staff, eEncourage people to be open minded about it

›Its Simple - by doing a 1 hour class each week for 8 weeks for staff, maybe over a lunchtime or first hour or last hour of the day - or 2 hours per week whatever suits, will introduce the basics of Mindfulness, teaching the element of being present, being in control of our thinking and reducing, worry, anxiety, paranoia and decreasing the chance of physical and mental illness. Improving performance, moral, working relationships, team focus and positive working environment.

As a Mindfulness practitioner and teacher of Mindfulness I know the benefits for individuals and businesses are real.

Are you mindful enough to consider it for you and your company?

If so contact me for more details.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


This christmas we have decided to donate to Newry FoodBank and Women's aid Armagh Down in Liue of Christmas cards and presents. Happy christmas to all. Prestige close on 23rd at 3pm and will reopen as normal on 4th January..



Leadership Development – Leading High Performance Teams

This programme focuses on challenging Leaders to look at their Strategic Plan and ensure they accomplish their journey for change and success.

Thinking differently about what you do, how you manage and lead your team,

  • Changing the direction of your business or changing for improvement
  • Take a fresh look at what you’re doing as a Leader, Manager
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve new direction and success during challenging times


Are you:

  • Passionate about your Business
  • The Best you can be for your Business

This program focuses on the top 4 essential factors for Leaders / Organisations to be successful delivered over 4 half day workshops every 2 weeks.

Module 1

  • Developing Vision & Mission

Module 2

  • Developing Values
  • Goal setting – strategic planning

Module 3

  • Leadership styles
  • Mindful leadership

Module 4

  • Leadership Vs Management
  • Understanding your team
  • Identifying your team

Who should attend?

Business Owners, Directors, and Senior Managers anyone involved in setting and delivering the strategic objectives of the company and leading a team.

Cost:               £550 + VAT per person or £200 a module

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