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No matter what your New Years Resolution for 2008, every company is unique…different sizes, different cultures, and different goals.

But one thing that is consistent with every business is its STAFF;
Your staff will be the ones that have the most influence in achieving your
businesses goals and objectives. They can make this year different from every
other and make your resolutions a reality.
So ask yourself…
•     Do your staff clearly understand what’s expected of them?
•    Do your staff know what you want to achieve this year?
•    Have you set clear targets and goals for all your staff?
To give you the best possible start to this year, we have put together a simple “CHECKLIST”.
If you follow these six easy steps we guarantee that it will help you
to effectively manage your staff and achieve your 2008 Goals.
Step 1: Design Job Descriptions
– this will detail the duties and responsibilities of each role within your
Step 2: Design Person Specifications
– detail the key attributes and essential skills
Step 3: Ensure your Contracts of Employment are up to date and signed
Step 4: KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
– identify the key areas that you want staff to perform and achieve
Step 5: Set dates for reviews and appraisals and stick to them
Step 6: Give details of all of these to your staff!
By carrying out this simple Checklist you will discover that:
•    you will get the best of your staff
•    your staff do the job you pay them to do
•    your staff have a sense of belonging in your company
•    your staff are motivated – a happy workforce!
•    your customers will experience a better service
•    the goals and objectives you set your staff
•    you make a difference to your bottom-line!
You might also be thinking now;
?     What is the difference between an Appraisal and a Review?
?     I don’t know if I am doing things properly?
?     I am planning on expanding in 2008 – how do I prepare my staff, what is the
        most cost effective way to recruit and what impact will this have?
?     I am planning on downsizing the company – what’s the next step?
?     I am buying new capital in 2008, are my staff ready and what impact will this
?     I am a family owned company, how do I plan for my succession?
For expert no nonsense answers to any of these or any other employment queries
you may have then call Emma or Lorraine at Prestige Employment Solutions Ltd
now to set up your free 1 hour consultation. Both are employment specialists and
can provide you with solutions to any issue that may arise within the management
and recruitment of your staff.

P.S. Don’t hang around.


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