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Abolition of Default Retirement Age (DRA)

written 01 April 2011

The DRA will be completely abolished and employers will be prohibited from retiring employees through the use of the DRA as from this date.

However, there will still be exceptions to these new rules. Employers may continue to have a compulsory retirement age, but must be able to prove it is justified if challenged at an Employment Tribunal

REMEMBER to amend your employees Contract of Employment and/or Company Retirement Policy

Agency Workers Regulations

Agency workers will be entitled to equal treatment on basic employment conditions, such as pay and holidays, after they have worked in a role for 12 weeks.

Employers should be aware that the Regulations do not affect the employment status of agency workers, and occupational social security schemes will continue to be outside the equal treatment provisions

REMEMBER to assess any temporary worker’s length of service within your organisation and ensure they are treated equally as your fulltime employees after 12 weeks


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