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In a recent statement, the Secretary of State for Business, Lord Mandelson said

"In the current economic climate its more important than ever for small businesses to take action before they find themselves in difficulties.  So theres no better way for companies to start the New Year than with a Business Health Check."

Take HR Healthcheck

At Prestige Employment Solutions Ltd, based in Belfast and Newry, they looked at what they could do to assist local businesses with checklisting their HR practices.

"Many businesses, will and should be reviewing their performance this January as well as regularly throughout the year, to look for the early signs of any issues that would affect their profitability and possible exisitence" encourages director of Prestige Employment Solutions, Emma Marmion.

"For many businesses, staff are your most valuable and often costly asset!" she continues. "This is no truer said than if you do not have the proper procedures and practices in place for managing your staff, especially in 2009."  

"Ignorance is no excuse" supports fellow director Lorraine Rooney.
"Recent cases at Industrial Tribunals are showing large financial costs to businesses who are not following the correct legislative requirements; anything from £4000 to £70,000 and beyond!"

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Prestige Employment Solutions Ltd have designed a HR HealthCheck to assist businesses in assessing their HR Practices and identifying any possible risks.  

The Health Check is free

...and businesses will receive a concise report that will identify their "HR Regime" for 2009, that will get their business into shape for the year ahead!!

The Health Check helps businesses to
•    identify key areas of risk
•    be proactive rather than reactive
•    gives an overview of where your business is at
•    Prioritise your HR Strategy for the year ahead and budget for Improvements
•    Identify and implement processes and Procedures which can directly impact your bottom line!

Click here for more information on the HR Health Check

Click here to complete the HR Health Check

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