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Are you prepared for another ‘Big Freeze’?

Winter is on the way! So it is now more important than ever to ensure your workers remain safe during the colder, darker months ahead.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommends that “For those working outdoors, the winter months bring additional


challenges to keeping safe.  Cold weather and shorter periods of daylight mean there is more potential for accidents to happen.  With a little planning, and common sense, these can be avoided.”
Regardless of the time of year, employers must ensure that all employees work in places where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled.  Health and Safety is about stopping employees getting hurt at work or ill through work and employers, along with the help of all those who work within the organisation, have a responsibility to ensure that health and safety of everyone they come in contact with at work.

With this in mind Prestige offer a few Health & Safety tips that you can take to keep your employees safe this winter:

1. Ensure you take adequate steps to prevent your water supply from freezing.  The Water Service of Northern Ireland have issued a new guide “Frozen Pipes Disrupt Lives” on the steps you can take.

2. Ensure any gas heaters have adequate ventilation - Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer.

3. Ensure that the work offices are warm for your employees- the minimum temperature in the office should be [temperature in here]

4. If portable heaters have been provided, ensure that it has been adequately PAT Tested

5. You may need to “relax” the Uniform Policy to allow employees to wear warmer clothing.  This should be discussed and agreed in advance.

6. Ensure you have hot water for employees – this is a standard H&S requirement

7. Portable chemical toilets should only be used to support workers for short durations

8. People who are exposed to vibration from power tools should improve their blood circulation by keeping warm and dry, where necessary wearing gloves, a hat, waterproofs and heating pads if available.

9. Remember to massage and exercise fingers during work breaks to keep the blood circulating

How Prestige Can Help:
Prestige have a specific Health and Safety team of consultants who can advise you on all aspects of your Health and Safety issues.  They can assist you with your Risk Assessments, H&S Audits and policies and procedures within your organisation.  Contact us on 0845 9011 901 for further information.

If you would like to learn more about the Health and Safety Responsibilities required as an Employer, Prestige run a series of the Accredited CIEH courses.  The CIEH Level 2 Health and Safety at Work training [would put in a sentence about the courses here]

Next Course
Tuesday 22nd November
CIEH Level 2 H&S at Work Training
Prestige Employment Solutions, Newry
£90 + VAT p/person


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