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Every day for the last number months, individuals across the country and the globe have been saturated with headlines of the “Slowing Economy”, the “Credit Crunch”, the “Economic Downturn”, the impending threat of “Recession”! 

With so much doom and gloom spouted daily, Prestige Employment Solutions take a look at the impact on both individual lives and at an organisational level...
Emma Marmion, director of Prestige Employment Solutions says ““Invisible” illness such as stress and generic mental health issues is having a serious consequential impact within the workplace and the community.”  “13.8 million days of absence per year are attributable to workplace stress throughout the UK, The CIPD - Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that absence in the public sector cost £906 per employee! AND This stress or Worry can also cause “Extreme Working” ; ¾ of HR Professionals this week stated they were aware of their employees working through incapacity or illness!  This can be pressure from employers to come to work, or home pressures!  This is counterproductive because a sick employee isn’t a productive employee – invariably he/she will make wrong decisions that someone else will have to rectify later on!”
Lorraine Rooney, director at Prestige Employment Solutions continues “Your people, your staff are the one asset that sets you apart from your competition and your most valuable asset – they are the people with the greatest influence to achieve your businesses strategies and goals! So business owners and managers should be asking themselves a number of key questions; what effect is Stress having on your staff? What concerns are they facing in your company? As a result what effect is it having on your company, and your bottom line? As a business owner/ manager what can you do? Can you afford not to consider them? Can you afford not to get it right? Are you being “Reactive” rather than “Proactive”?
She adds, “At Prestige Employment Solutions, our aim is to provide businesses with the employment solutions they need to make them No. 1”.   In this current economy, this is becoming increasingly difficult so we are working with businesses on strategies to help them to Thrive and Survive – from working with the people currently in your business, sourcing the people who will make a difference and training staff and managers on the skills they need to thrive and survive.”  As well as this we have arranged a seminar for business Owners and Managers “STRESS? WHAT STRESS?” featuring Beth Gibbs, member of the International Stress Management Association.  This event will take place On Tuesday 28th October 08, 10.30am at the Congress Business Centre, and will provide the Answers and the “Know How” on signs, symptoms and causes of stress within the workplace.  The event is £25.  For further information on this event or on how Prestige Employment Solutions Ltd can help your business, contact Emma Marmion on 02830252107 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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